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Waxing Service
(Currently unAvailable)

Let us help you with high quality waxing services and products, to make you feel smooth and clean.

Bikini Waxing - 60 Minutes

A cosmetic treatment focusing on removing hair on the bikini line.

1 Hour - $45

Back Waxing - 60+ Minutes

Want your back hair removed? You’ve come to the right place! Using Berodin soft wax & strips, we can remove all unwanted hair for a clean look.

1+ Hour - $65

Chest Waxing: 45 + Minutes

Using Berodin soft wax & strips, we will help you achieve that clean, hairless look.

45 Minutes - $50

Underarms Waxing: 45 + Minutes

Hate shaving your pits every other day? Berodin's hard wax can help! Removes unwanted hair for about 4 weeks, drop the razor.

45 Minutes - $25

Full legs Waxing: 2 + Hours

Berodin's soft black wax will remove all your unwanted hair from your ankles to your hips leaving your legs silky smooth.

2+ Hour - $70

Half Legs Waxing: 60 + Min

Using a soft wax and strips, we will remove your unwanted leg hair from your ankles to just over your knees.

1+ Hour - $45

Full Arms Waxing - 1 + Hour

Remove unwanted hair from your wrists to your shoulders. Berodin's black soft wax is amazing!

1+ Hour - $50

Half Arms Waxing - 45 Min

Using a soft wax and strips to remove hair from wrists to just above your elbow.

45 Minutes - $40

Full Face Waxing - 60 Minutes

Berodin's hard wax will make your face smooth and hairless. Full face includes brows, cheeks, lip/chin.

1 Hour - $60

Eyebrows Waxing - 20 + Min

Using a hard wax to reduce redness or irritation, we will shape your brows and clean up all your unwanted hair under your brows and in between your brows. Hard wax is good for sensitive skin as well.

20 Minutes - $20

Cheek Waxing - 30 Minutes

Don’t like seeing those little hairs on your cheeks? Remove them. Using Berodin hard wax, we can remove those baby, Vellus hairs for a clean, smoother look.

20 Minutes - $15

Chin Waxing - 15 Minutes

We will remove hair using Berodin hard wax. Great for all skin types!

15 Minutes - $15

Upper Lip Waxing  - 15 Minutes

Ladies! Are you tired of seeing those little hairs above your lip? Then you’ve come to the right place! Using Berodin hard wax, we will help you achieve a clean upper lip.

15 Minutes - $10

Nose Wax - 15 Minutes

Remove those little hairs that peek out outside your nostrils.

15 Minutes - $10

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